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For business, home or non-profit, we deliver peace of mind. Find out more about our monitoring services starting at only $18/month.

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Financial & Banking Security

JB&T Systems's fully-integrated and customizable security, surveillance, and access control solutions can ensure that your business is safe from theft.

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Access Control for Schools & Churches

Restrict access to only your most trusted people. Our access control systems can be installed to keep the ones you love safe.

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Residential Monitoring

Feel confident that your loved ones, property, and possessions are protected whether you are at home or away with our residential security solutions.

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All In One Solutions

We custom tailor all of our name brand products and services to meet your specific needs. All of our technology can be fully-integrated, so that you can secure your property from one system. No matter what your security needs, we’ll provide the perfect solution.

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Alarm System

Deter forced entry and alert both security teams and first responders will our alarm systems.

Burglar Alarms

Security Cameras

Record, monitor, and capture any security breaches, threats, or hazards with our CCTV video cameras.

Security Cameras


Never worry again about the security of your property and assets when you are offsite.

Remote Monitoring

Access Control

Protect your most vulnerable areas and assets with fully secured entry for only authorized individuals.

Access Control

Data Systems

With our high-tech software and data Protect your intellectual property from intrusion with our redundantly backed up data security systems.

Data Systems

Why Choose Us

Free Walk-Thru, Design, Estimate

A knowledgeable security expert will come directly on-site to assess your security needs.

Usually Same Day Service

We know your security needs can’t wait, so we’ll come out asap--even the same day you call us!


We provide dedicated, 24/7/365 customer service to all of our customers.

Low-Impact Installs with Cleanup

Our professional installation process happens on your schedule and leaves no footprint behind.

Quality Equipment, Three-Year Warranty

We believe so strongly in our products, we offer the longest warranties in the industry.

One-On-One Training with No Cost Assistance

We provide free training so you are fully confident in how your system works.

How It Works

  • Speaking with a security expert
  • Assessment based on needs
  • Local level of service
  • Support from a local technician

Relationship based sales, focused on honesty and integrity

The process begins by giving our knowledgeable security experts a call. You’ll never have to worry about talking to a pushy salesperson or deal with an automated system. Anytime you call us, you’ll get a real person who will discuss your security needs, answer any questions, and provide transparent pricing.

Custom-design solution to fit budget, time, and requirements

Next, we’ll come on site to do a full evaluation. We’ll address your security concerns and help you identify other areas of vulnerability around your property. Then we’ll put together custom-tailored solutions and products based on your needs and budget. All of our products and services are fully integrated, so you’ll get one straightforward price.

Local guys, providing local level of service

Professional workmanship

Low-impact installation

Within the timeline

Once you hire us, we’ll work with your schedule to ensure the installation process does not interrupt your operations. We offer minimally invasive installations and leave no trace behind. All of our installation technicians are highly trained and can be trusted to ensure your solution works when you need it.

Support from a local technician

If not the installer, someone on the tech team


3 year product
2 year on DSC products
1 year workmanship warranty

We don’t just walk away after installation. We provide free training to make sure you fully understand your system. You’ll also get 24/7/365 local support from our expert security technicians to answer any questions or address any issues. Our products and services are offered risk-free, backed by the longest warranties in the industry.

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Case Study - Convenient Monitoring With JB&T Systems

A local church started locking their doors for Sunday service. They wanted to be able to see who was at the front door without someone sitting by the front door missing the sermon.

They contacted us as a local security provider to address their security needs. We installed an Alibi camera system for them with the ability to monitor their front door from the sound booth over the Camera Central Management system.

The customer is very pleased with this setup and is happy that no one has to miss the services now after our installation. We have returned multiple times to add additional cameras.

What Our Customers Say

"Thanks to the Surveillance system from JB&T Systems, we were able to recover all of our tools and equipment stolen from our shop. The night images were great."

Pridgen Brothers Contractors

"The images on my Alibi Witness 2.0 app are incredible."

Randy Hamm

"JB&T Systems did an excellent job installing our security system. Very professional."

Trinity Baptist Church

"Our surveillance system was everything that JB&T Systems said it would be. Everything works perfectly. Customer service, communication and follow up was excellent."

Larry Michael

"Absolutely recommend. Thanks for the great service."

Still Springs Farm